He Gives Us the Victory

Today's Word with Joel and Victoria


TOPIC: He Gives Us the Victory

DATE: Wednesday, 16th March 2016

Today’s Scripture:

“But thanks be to God, Who gives us the victory [making us conquerors] through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

1 Corinthians 15:57, AMP




God wants to pour out His favor on you so that you can live in victory in every area of your life. The scripture says He always causes us to triumph through Christ Jesus. That means, no matter what you may be facing today, God wants to make you more than a conqueror. Are you battling sickness? God wants to give you healing. Are you struggling with a broken relationship? God wants to give you restoration and peace. Are you facing a need—physically, spiritually or emotionally? God’s favor will bring you provision and supply all of your needs according to His riches in glory.

Many times in the Bible when God’s people were going into battle, the worshipers were out in front of the warriors. When you choose to worship, when you are thankful and bless the Lord in the midst of your battle, you are opening the door to His favor in your life. It’s important to magnify your God; don’t magnify your problems! When you give God praise, He gives you the victory!



A Prayer for Today

“Father, today I give You thanks for Your mercy and faithfulness in my life. Thank You for leading me into victory! I magnify You and bless Your holy name today in Jesus’ name. Amen.”


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