Choose This Day

Today's Word with Joel and Victoria


TOPIC: Choose This Day

DATE: Thursday, 18th February 2016

Today’s Scripture:

“…choose for yourselves this day whom will you serve…”

Joshua 24:15, NIV




Everyday, we make thousands of choices. Some choices have more impact on our lives than others. Some require more thought. Some may even require the input of others. Making Jesus the Lord of your life is the best choice you could ever make! However, once you do, you have the opportunity each day to make choices that support that choice. For example, are you choosing to serve the Lord with your attitude? Are you choosing to serve Him with your finances? Are you choosing to serve the Lord by what you say? What you watch on TV? What you listen to?

Today, take time to examine your thoughts and actions. Choose this day to honor Him in everything you do. As you submit your ways to Him, He promises to direct your steps and lead you in the abundant life here on earth and in eternity!



A Prayer for Today

“Father, today I choose You. Search my heart and mind and show me anything in my life that is displeasing to You. Help me to serve You with my whole heart, mind, will and emotions in Jesus’ name. Amen.”


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