DATE: Wednesday, January 6 2016


Bible Reading:

”Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

Philippians 1:6 (KJV)

As this new year progresses, I am very confident that the work that the Lord has spoken concerning you will come to pass. There are no “ifs” about it in my spirit. I know in whom I believe and I am fully persuaded of that which He is set to do in your life.

Paul the Apostle, while writing to the church in Philippi, aptly said it in the scripture above; I am confident of the good work the Lord has started in you, and I know He will perfect it. I don’t know what area of your life you need the intervention of God in, but I know that whatever area it might be, God is not only able, He is also willing, and He will surely settle you. God is not a man to lie nor the son of man to repent. His word is so good, it is bankable, because it cannot fail.

Beloved, God’s mind is full of you. He delights in your prosperity. He wants to see you happy and excited, testifying about the faithfulness of God. So don’t allow the situations of the past to keep you bent, cowed, or in despair. Tell yourself that God is working it out and you will see everything turn around for your good. Yesterday, I shared with you the story of an evangelist who would probably have fed his mind with all sorts of negative thoughts when the rain was falling, but see the miracle that followed. Can you imagine how many lives will be turned to God simply by the confession of the occultist? Now his confession will not be about charms but the awesomeness of God. Can you imagine that?

Beloved, no matter what you are going through, I am confident that God will come through for you. He has not brought you this far to abandon you. He will perfect His work in your life to His glory alone.

Further reading: 

Philippians 1:1-6

Daily Bible reading:

Morning- Genesis 16-17,

Evening-Matthew 5:27-48


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