DATE: Tuesday, January 5 2016


Bible Reading:

”And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

Romans 8:28 (KJV)

When I tell you that all things work together, I know your mind will quickly go to the unachieved plans, dreams, and desires of last year. However, the best way to illustrate the scripture is through the encounter below about an evangelist.

The evangelist had gone to a remote locality for a crusade. He took the time to seek the face of God concerning the village, but when the day for the crusade came, it looked like it might rain. So he prayed, “If this God is the true God, let the heavens clear out and let there be no rain.” Alas, the rain began to pour down. It was heavy, unprecedented in the history of the village. Thus the evangelist left the village square disappointed and decided to stop preaching. He threw away the Bible saying God had disappointed him.

Later that evening, an old man saw him sleeping under a tree and woke him up. When he opened his eyes, the old man reconfirmed the evangelist’s identity. Then the old man introduced himself as the leader of the occultists in the area. Guess what? The man had come to give his life to Christ.

When the evangelist asked why, since God had “failed” during the day by not stopping the rain, the old man burst into tears, confessing how he had done all he could to stop the crusade from the occult world to no avail. So earlier in the day he had decided to visit the village with his gun and had positioned himself so that he could hit the culprit directly. But lo and behold, the rain had come down, thus thwarting his plans again. He did everything he could to stop the rain so that he could carry out his plans but the more he invoked demonic spirits, the heavier the rain fell. He finally gave up because he now realized that God is bigger than all his gods.

The evangelist cleaned his eyes and repented, recognising that indeed God never fails. When God seems silent, beloved, He is doing something on your behalf and it will come to pass in Jesus name. When He is done, you will agree that His time is best. Don’t give up because all things work together for your good.

Further reading: 

Romans 8:17-28 

Daily Bible reading:

Morning- Genesis 13-14,

Evening-Matthew 5:1-26


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