Bible Reading:

“But there is forgiveness with thee, that thou mayest be feared.”

Psalm 130:4 (KJV)


Contrary to popular and erroneous religious views, fear does not produce a new creation but faith in the Lord does. Over the years, there’s been the mistaken idea that it is God’s wrath, anger, and judgment on anyone who falls short of His righteous requirements that produces the fear of Him.

To fully understand and apply the Bible, you must know the dispensation that God was dealing with in its different accounts. God dealt with each dispensation differently. You cannot apply His dealings with those under the law as though they were under grace. God deals with the new creation under grace, so you cannot apply the law to it. The new creation enjoys the grace of God.

The text says that it is God’s forgiveness that causes us to fear (revere) Him. It is not His judgment. This sounds contradictory. I thought that you take people for granted when they easily forgive. I thought that it is the man with the cane who is feared and not the one with a heart of love. This situation is true in the natural; but when you understand true love, then you will understand the power of the love that keeps you from sin.

In John 8, a woman caught in adultery received forgiveness and was offered the gift of no condemnation from Jesus. I guarantee you that the woman left feeling deeply relieved, and she likely held the Lord in awe throughout her life. She obviously expected to be stoned to death. I imagine her kneeling with her eyes closed, waiting for the first stone to land on her head, only to hear the Master ask, “Where are thine accusers?” I am sure the woman had died several times in her head because she expected the stoning. But the love of God reached her, and she was totally forgiven. Being delivered from death that she deserved is something that she could not understand. This is grace. Let this grace envelope your life so that you will live in fear (reverence) of God.


Further reading: Psalm 130: 1-8


Daily Bible reading:

Morning- Jeremiah 51-52,

Evening- Hebrews 9


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