Bible Reading:

In righteousness shalt thou be established: thou shalt be far from oppression; for thou shalt not fear: and from terror; for it shall not come near thee.”

Isaiah 54:14 (KJV)





If there was ever a time we needed to get established in righteousness, it is now, when satanic activities are steadily increasing. Your heart must be guarded with all diligence. Your heart must be guarded based on the revelation that you have right standing with God and that God is for you and with you every time, no matter what. You must be fully persuaded, irrespective of the situation that you find yourself in, that He is not mad at you.


Let me show you how someone established in righteousness functions in the midst of battle. In Mark 4:35-41, you will notice that Jesus was in a boat with His disciples. They were going to the other side of a lake when suddenly they encountered a great storm of wind; the waves beat into the ship and began to fill it. Jesus was asleep in the hinder part of the ship. Not even the storm could wake Him, because His heart was established in righteousness. Such a person rests with the knowledge that everything will be alright.


In contrast, notice how fearful the disciples were. They believed that they were going to perish. When people expect the worst as children of God it is evidence of their not being established in righteousness. The disciples panicked. They bailed out water from the boat and tried every emergency exercise they knew before it occurred to them to go wake Jesus up. If you look at what they said to Him, you will clearly understand their state of mind. They did not wake Him up and tell Him there was a storm. They did not wake Him up and tell Him they were sinking. No, worse than that, they woke Him up and charged at Him: careth not that we perish? In other words, we are perishing and you are sleeping; don’t you care about us? It did not occur to them that Jesus too was in the boat and that whatever happened to them would also happen to Him. They were totally consumed by their fear. I imagine that Jesus woke up with a smile, looked at their confused faces, and without arguing rebuked the storm. He showed His supremacy not because He was Jesus, but because He understood what it meant to be a child of God.


I challenge you today to expect nothing other than good every moment of your life. You are the righteousness of God in Christ.

Further reading: Mark 4:35-41, Romans 10:1-13

Daily Bible reading:

Morning- 37-38,

Evening- Colossians 3


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