Bible Reading:

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

Matthew 18:20 (KJV)





A major problem is that people make Jesus an appendage in their lives and then they expect Him to show up when they encounter challenges. Beloved, today’s text tells us His exclusive position. When we say “midst”, we are referring to the centre, the depths, or the nucleus. It is the position of anything that is surrounded by other things. It is the middle point. It is the core of any issue. Notice that with the above definitions the surrounding matters are not important unless He has taken His place.

The truth is that until Jesus takes His place, nothing else can get its bearing. When Jesus is on the outside there is a deep void and nothing is coherent. When He is absent, no one can take centre stage. People would be running around in circles, unable to find their places. When He takes His place, then every other thing can find its place. That is what it means to be in the midst of something.

Where was Jesus while He was on the cross? He was in the midst of the two thieves (John 19:17-18). Where was He when He rose from the dead and paid a visit to His apostles? He came into a room and stood in their midst.

Where is Jesus in your life? Is He an appendage or the centre point? I challenge you to re-evaluate the position He holds in your life and in all of your endeavours. Give Him His rightful place and let Him take over to give you a safe landing.

Until you allow Him to take His position, you can fast all you want and pray until your eyes are red, but things will not fall into place. This is not because He does not want to step in, but because you have not given Him His rightful place. Step back from the steering wheel of your life and let Jesus take control. You will then see things fall into place for you.

Further reading: John 20:18-31

Daily Bible reading:

Morning- Isaiah 30-31,

Evening- Philippians 4


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